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'Chlorine Proof' garments are lined with polyester fabric that is just as durable as the outer fabric. Aquadiva's polyester lining fabric is very soft, flexible and comfortable. This fabric is guaranteed to last as long as the outer printed fabric and will not stretch or 'pop' out the sides. All Aquadiva swimwear are made with 'CHLORINE PROOF' fabrics which are more expensive in production but give you the lasting qualities you can trust Aquadiva for.

Other cheaper brands may use 'CHLORINE RESISTANT' lining because it is cheaper in production. Be aware that it is Nylon and will discolour and breakdown rapidly depending on the level of chlorine in your pool water. To spot the difference in the two qualities, look for a fine knitted line in the good (polyester) lining as the nylon does not have this feature.

As always we advise you to care for your garments by avoiding rough surfaces and washing them in mild detergent, rinsing them thoroughly (detergents have some wicked chemicals in them which may harm your straps) and drying in a shady place - preferably indoors. Although Aquadiva fabrics are chlorine proof it doesn't mean they are not delicate - treat your Aquadivas with love and they will love you back for years!

Oh and by the way, ensure that you look after your straps by not rubbing sunscreen directly onto them and they will keep their stretch for ages.

Love from Aquadiva xxx